Shasta County Land Resources

Below is a grouping of  Tehama and Shasta County land resources. These resources will help you in the purchase or sale of Redding, Shasta County, or Tehama County property or land. Prices quoted are approximate and subject to change.

Building & Permits For Shasta & Tehama County Land & Properties

Building questions, permits, zoning, land use restrictions. Shasta County Department of Resource Management 530-225-5761
Tehama County Building Department (530) 527-2200


PG&E 530-246-6537

City of Redding (530) 339-7200

Electrical Easements

Building setbacks from power lines, high transmission lines and access across PG&E easements. PG & E 530-246-6441


Handles the foreclosure process. Takes about four months for land.  Foreclosure Specialists LLC 530-246-2727

Land Loans

A hard money lender for land you can try is Access Mortgage. 530-223-6143

Land Surveying

Property lines or corners marked & surveys. Michael Tietz 530-524-6881

Property Inspection

Comes highly recommended. Mclaughlin Property Inspections 530-356-7751

Septic Inspection

Price includes pumping the tank.  Welch Ent. 530-241-4287

Soil Perc Testing

Required before septic install. Crammer Consulting 530-241-6377

Termite Inspection

Tehama and Shasta County. Level Extermination 530-524-3752
Tehama and Shasta County.  Bugworks 530-547-7378

Well Depths & GPM

Details on wells already drilled in an area. Redbluff Water Res. 530-529-7368

Well Drilling

Shasta County, Tehama County; Shasta Drilling 530-229-9120

Well Inspection

G.P.M. and lab testing. About $400. More if a generator or well pump is needed for the test. J&J Pumps 530-222-3393.

Properties For Sale

LocationMontgomery Creek, CA
Lot Size5+- Acres
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LocationShingletown, CA
Lot Size3.04 Acres
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